PureCell® Model 400

pure-cell-model-400The highly efficient PureCell® Model 400 system generates 400 kW of assured electrical power, plus 1.5 million Btu/hour of heat, for combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

Typical market sectors include supermarkets, hospitals, data centers, industrial, bottling plants, pharmaceutical, educational institutions, correctional institutions, mixed-use office/residential, food-processing facilities, and other energy-intensive facilities with continuous baseload power and thermal energy requirements.

Thermal Energy Utilization

The Model 400 system generates a large amount of thermal energy in the form of “high” and “low” grade heat. The high-grade heat of the Model 400 can be used to drive a single-effect absorption chiller to produce an average of about 50 tons of chilled water. The heat from multiple fuel cells can be combined to drive larger absorbers. While high-grade heat is being used to create chilled water, low-grade heat can simultaneously be used to provide useful heat, allowing for combined cooling, heat and power applications for buildings. Typical applications for chilled water include space cooling and refrigeration sub-cooling.


The Model 400 offers customers significant energy density and location flexibility. It can be installed outdoors or indoors, from basements to rooftops and requires a fraction of the area and volume required by equivalent solar/wind systems.


More than half of the energy potential in traditional, centralized power generation goes up the stack as exhaust heat. The Model 400 system converts heat exhaust into cooling and heating, turning potential waste into useable energy. While central powerplants achieve percentages in the mid-30s, Model 400 systems offer up to 90% system efficiency and run on standard pipeline natural gas.


The PureCell® Model 400 system operates steadily, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Because it operates around the clock and is not affected by weather or time of day, the Model 400 is a strong fit for customers with smaller baseload power requirements. The system can operate independent of or in parallel with the electric grid, making it a critical power backup during natural disasters, man-made emergencies and grid fluctuations. To ensure your peace of mind, the system is remotely monitored for functionality, ensuring your business has reliable power.


Pure Cell 400specs

Characteristics Maximum Power 1 Baseload Power 1
Electric Power Output 440 kW / 440 KVA 400 kW / 471 KVA
Electrical Efficiency 41%, LHV 42%, LHV
Peak Overall Efficiency 90%, LHV 90%, LHV
Gas Consumption 4.11 MMBtu/h, HHV 3.63 MMBtu/h, HHV
Gas Consumption 2 4,009 SCFH 3,549 SCFH
High Grade Heat Output @ up to 250°F 0.78 MMBtu/h 0.65 MMBtu/h
Low Grade Heat Output @ up to 140°F 1.04 MMBtu/h 0.90 MMBtu/h
Supply Natural Gas
Inlet Pressure 10 to 14 in. water
Emissions 3, 4
NOx 0.02 lbs/MWh
CO 0.02 lbs/MWh
VOC 0.02 lbs/MWh
SO2 Negligible
Particulate Matter Negligible
CO2 (electric only) 1,059 lbs/MWh
CO2 (with full heat recovery) 497 lbs/MWh 5
Ambient Operating Temp. -20°F to 104°F
Sound Level 65 dBA @ 33 ft.
Water Consumption None (up to 85°F Ambient Temp.)
Water Discharge None (Normal Operating Conditions)